Automated Juror Information System (AJIS)

All federal jurors will communicate with the court through AJIS, an automated voice messaging system. This system allos jurors to call-in to get their reporting instructions. Please make sure you have provided the court with a PRIMARY telephone number where you may be contacted with no call blocking, auto attendant or ID restrictions of any kind. If you have an answering machine, please make sure to regularly review your messages during your term of service.


During your two-month term of service, you must call the Toll-Free Line 1-800-776-0320, and select option 1, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the call-in dates listed on your Petit Juror Instructions. You have will be provided with a unique nine-digit identification number, called a participant number, which is printed to the right of your name on the Summons. You must enter this participant number to access AJIS. On call-in dates, it is helpful to stagger your call-in attempts to avoid busy signals.

It is critical that you call in because instructions may change or you may be informed that you do not need to report at all. If you receive a busy signal, or the phone rings for an extended period, that simply means all lines are being used; should that occur, please call again later.

How Do I Use AJIS?

  • Call: 1-800-776-0320
  • Select option 1. You will be transferred to the AJIS line.
  • Listen carefully and follow each AJIS user-friendly voice prompt.
  • Enter your 9-digit participant number when asked. Your participant number is on the Juror Summons form immediately to the right of your name and address.
  • Do not discard the upper portion of your Juror Summons that contains your participant number, juror number, and AJIS call-in line information until your service is complete. You should have this information readily available when calling-in for your reporting dates.

What Is The Difference Between My Participant Number And Juror Number?

Your 9-digit participant number will allow you to access AJIS 24 hours a day to check your individual reporting instructions and requests for excuse or deferment.
Your 6-digit juror number, which also is contained in your Juror Summons, will only be used if and when you report to the court. You will not use this number for call-in instructions.

Emergency Notifications

In the event of an unforeseeable change in the court's schedule, AJIS will be programmed to issue an outgoing alert to you. Therefore it is important that you have provided the court with a primary telephone number where you may be contacted with no call blocking, auto attendant or ID restrictions of any kind. If you do not receive a cancellation alert because of such restrictions, and you report unnecessarily, you will not be compensated.