77.3 Filings

(a) General

All documents shall be filed in accordance with these local rules and the Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing.

(b) Confirmation of Filings

The clerk's office will not date stamp and return copies of filings.  Parties may confirm the filing of documents by referencing the date on the Notice of Electronic Filing or by using the court's computer access systems.

(c) 24-Hour Depository

A 24-hour depository box for filings is located at the south entrance to the Cleveland Building.  The depository has a built-in time and date stamp.

(d) Removal of Papers

Absent express permission of the court, papers filed in the clerk's office may not be removed by anyone other than an authorized court official or employee.

(e) Filings in Chambers

Original documents may not be filed in chambers.  If the Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing require a pleading be conventionally filed and the party cannot file a necessary document or pleading forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled proceeding, the party shall file an original and one (1) copy of the filing with the clerk's office.  The clerk's office will mark the copy "Court Information Copy" and give that copy to the court.  The clerk's office will retain and docket the original.


(§ (a) added, former §§ (a)-(d) relettered accordingly, new §§ (b) and (e) amended 1/1/08)