80.1 Record of Proceedings

(a) Attendance at Hearings

The clerk's office will arrange for records to be made of trials, hearings on temporary restraining orders, hearings on preliminary injunctions, criminal proceedings, and pro se hearings.  Parties may request the clerk's office to make a record of any other proceeding no later than two (2) days prior to the proceeding.

(b) Requests for Transcripts

Any person may purchase a written transcript of court proceedings from the court reporter or, for proceedings held in courtroom B, a copy of the tape from the clerk's office. The court reporter or clerk's office shall notify all named parties to the action of such a request.

(c) Fees

A current schedule of fees, as established by the Judicial Conference, is posted in the clerk's office and is available from the official court reporters.


(§ (b) amended 1/1/00; (§ (b) amended 12/1/15)