83.1 Bar of District Court

(a) Eligibility

Any active member in good standing of the bar of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire is eligible for admission to the bar of this court.  The bar of this court shall consist of those attorneys who have previously been admitted to the bar of this court and those who have been admitted pursuant to subsection (b).

(b) Procedure for Admission

Each applicant for admission to the bar of this court shall file with the clerk's office a completed Petition and Oath on Admission on a form provided by the clerk's office.  A copy shall be forwarded by the clerk's office, along with the required fee as published on the court's website. Submission of a completed Petition and Oath on Admission to the bar of this court constitutes the applicant’s consent to have the clerk's office obtain the applicant's public and non-public disciplinary history from the New Hampshire Attorney Discipline Office.

Upon the court's approval of the application, the applicant shall be admitted to the bar of this court upon taking the prescribed oath or affirmation. Applicants must be sworn in as members of the district's bar within one year of the date their application is approved or their application will be deemed inactive and a new application will be required.

Upon payment of the admission fee as published on the court's website, which includes a fee for deposit to the United States District Court Library Fund, the applicant shall then be a member of the bar of this court.

(c) Special Admissions

Upon motion and by order of the court, in special circumstances, a person may be admitted to the bar of this court at any time, whether or not the person has complied with all of the admissions requirements provided under the rules.  However, the requirements that the person be admitted take an oath or affirmation and pay the prescribed fee shall be satisfied and shall not be waived.

(d) Reinstatement After Taking Inactive Status or Resigning

Any attorney who takes inactive status or resigns must reapply for admission as set forth in subsections (a) and (b) before resuming practice in this court.

(e) Continued Membership

Active membership in good standing in the any of the following is a precondition to continued membership in the bar of this court:  The bar of the highest court of a state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Territory of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the Virgin Islands of the United States.


(§ (b) amended 1/1/97, 1/1/98; §§ (b) and (c) amended 1/1/04; § (b) amended 6/1/04; § (a) amended and § (d) added 1/1/05; § (b) amended 1/1/06; § (a) amended and § (e) added 12/1/09; § (b) amended 12/1/11; § (b) amended 12/1/13; § (b) amended 12/1/15)