6.1 Participants

(a) Mandatory Attorney Registration

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this court and in good standing who intend to appear in an ECF case in this judicial district shall register as Filing Users of the court’s ECF system by completing an on-line registration form on the court’s website at Neither represented parties nor incarcerated pro se litigants may register as a Filing User.

(b) Attorneys Admitted Pro Hac Vice

An attorney admitted pro hac vice in an ECF case shall register as a Filing User of the court’s ECF system in accordance with these procedures.

(c) Pro Se Registration

A non-incarcerated pro se litigant in a pending case may apply to the court for permission to become a Filing User on a form prescribed by the clerk’s office. If during the course of the action the pro se litigant retains an attorney who appears on their behalf, the clerk’s office shall terminate the pro se litigant’s registration in that case upon the attorney’s appearance.


(§ (a) amended 12/1/09)

6.2 Registration

(a) Form

Attorneys shall register using the court’s Internet site ( Pro se litigants shall register using a paper registration form prescribed by the clerk’s office and the form shall be attached to a motion for permission to become a Filing User.

(b) Consent to Electronic Service

Registration constitutes consent to electronic service of all electronically filed documents as provided herein.

(c) Log-In/Password Usage

No Filing User or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit a Filing User’s password to be used by anyone other than an authorized agent of the Filing User, such as a designated ECF filing assistant. The use of a Filing User’s log-in and password by another attorney or other authorized agent shall be deemed to be the act of the Filing User.

(d) Obligation to Protect Password

Filing Users may change their passwords. If a Filing User learns that the security of their password has been compromised, they must immediately change their password and notify the clerk’s office help desk.

(e) Obligation to Update Information

A Filing User has an obligation to notify the clerk’s office of any change in the following information associated with their ECF filing account: name; mailing address; firm name or affiliation; or primary telephone number. If participating in an active ECF case, a Filing User shall provide written notice of such change through the use of the “Notice of Change of Address” event in ECF in each active case. Filing Users are required to maintain the primary and any secondary email addresses associated with their account by logging into ECF and making changes in a timely manner.  Filing Users are also obligated to ensure that the email addresses associated with their ECF account are able to successfully accept notices from the court. The court is not responsible for notices that are rejected by a Filing User's primary and/or secondary email address. The court reserves the right to remove invalid email addresses from a Filing User's account without notice.

(f) PACER Registration

A Filing User shall register with PACER and maintain a current user ID and password.

(g) Withdrawal as Registered User

Once registered, an attorney of record in an active ECF case may withdraw from participating in the ECF system only upon motion in that case. Otherwise, an attorney may withdraw from participating in the ECF system by providing the clerk’s office with a written notice of withdrawal. Upon receipt, the clerk’s office will immediately cancel the attorney’s password and delete the attorney’s name from any applicable electronic service list. An attorney’s withdrawal from participation in the ECF system will not be construed as authorization for the attorney to file cases or documents conventionally unless so authorized by court order.


(§ (a) amended 5/15/08; § (e) amended 12/1/15; § (e) amended 12/1/17)