6.1 Participants

(a) Mandatory Attorney Registration

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this court and in good standing who intend to appear in an ECF case in this judicial district shall register as Filing Users of the court’s ECF system by completing an on-line registration form on the court’s website at www.nhd.uscourts.gov. Neither represented parties nor incarcerated pro se litigants may register as a Filing User.

(b) Attorneys Admitted Pro Hac Vice

An attorney admitted pro hac vice in an ECF case shall register as a Filing User of the court’s ECF system in accordance with these procedures.

(c) Pro Se Registration

A non-incarcerated pro se litigant in a pending case may apply to the court for permission to become a Filing User on a form prescribed by the clerk’s office. If during the course of the action the pro se litigant retains an attorney who appears on their behalf, the clerk’s office shall terminate the pro se litigant’s registration in that case upon the attorney’s appearance.


(§ (a) amended 12/1/09)