16.3 Final Pretrial Conferences

(a) Scheduling

The final pretrial conference will be held approximately ten (10) days prior to trial.

(b) Attendance

Counsel with settlement authority shall attend.  Parties and insurance carrier representatives shall attend unless excused by a prior order of the court, in which case they shall be available by telephone.  Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the United States may be represented solely by an attorney from either the United States Attorney's Office or the Department of Justice, and the State of New Hampshire may be represented solely by an attorney from the Office of the Attorney General, provided that said representatives have settlement authority.

(c) Subjects for Consideration

In addition to the subjects listed in Fed. R. Civ. P. 16(c)(2), the court may consider and take appropriate action on the following subjects:

(1) evidentiary problems, including admissibility of exhibits, motions in limine, expert witnesses, and elimination of cumulative evidence;

(2) order of presentation in multiparty cases;

(3) issues concerning jury selection, including proposed voir dire and the number of jurors;

(4) requests for a view pursuant to LR 39.3;

(5) order of witnesses;

(6) proposed jury instructions, requests for special verdicts, and other legal questions;

(7) stipulations of uncontested fact;

(8) possibility of settlement;

(9) length of trial and imposition of time limits; and

(10) any special needs of trial participants.

(d) Objection to Videotape Testimony

A party objecting to a question or an answer in videotaped testimony shall provide the court with a transcript of the question or answer at issue during the final pretrial conference.


(§ (c)(10) added 1/1/98)