37.1 Motions to Compel

(a) Form

Any discovery motion filed pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 26 or 30 - 37 shall include, in the motion itself or in an attached memorandum, a verbatim recitation of each interrogatory, request, answer, response, and objection, or a copy of the actual discovery document which is the subject of the motion, provided that the party shall file only that portion of the discovery document that is objected to or is the subject of the motion.


(b) Procedure Following Resolution of Objections

When the parties resolve a dispute over discovery, they shall agree upon a date by which responses must be served, unless the discovery request is withdrawn. When the court rules on a discovery motion, the discovery requested or relief sought shall be provided within fourteen (14) days of the court order, unless the order specifies a different time.


(§ (b) amended 12/1/09; title amended 12/1/13)