67.1 Security for Costs

(a) In General

Except as otherwise provided by statute or court rule, parties, resident and nonresident, shall not be required as a matter of course to give security for costs in this court.  In any civil proceeding, the court, either on its own initiative or on the motion of a party, may order any party except the United States to file an original bond for costs or additional security for costs in such an amount and so conditioned as it may designate.  The motion of a party shall state in sufficient detail the circumstances warranting the requested security for costs.  The court may at any time modify or rescind such an order or direct that additional or other security be furnished.

(b) Failure to Furnish Security

If a party fails to comply with an order to furnish security, the court may impose sanctions or take any other action as it deems just and necessary.

(c) Exemptions

This rule shall not apply to any party proceeding in forma pauperis or as a seaman under 28 U.S.C. § 1916.