54.2 Assessment of Juror Costs

All counsel in civil cases are expected to discuss seriously the possibility of settlement within a reasonable time prior to trial.  The court may assess against any party or attorney the costs of jury attendance if a case is settled after the jury has been summoned.  A jury is considered summoned for trial as of 12:00 p.m. on the business day (exclusive of weekends and holidays) preceding the designated date of trial.  Juror costs shall include mileage, fees, and other expenses.

The court may impose a specific deadline for settlement upon the parties.  If settlement is reached after the deadline, and if, after notice and hearing, the court finds that one (1) or more of the parties or attorneys acted in bad faith, abused judicial process, or failed to exercise reasonable diligence, the court may impose costs and attorney's fees incurred due to the late settlement or impose other appropriate sanctions.

(Amended 1/1/05)