67.3 Disbursal of Registry Funds

No funds may be paid out of the court's registry except by order of the court. If a judgment has been issued or is to be issued, no funds may be disbursed until fourteen (14) days after the entry of judgment, except as provided in Fed. R. Civ. P. 62 or by agreement of the parties. The authorized custodian shall disburse all registry principal and income, if applicable, less the registry fee assessment and/or taxes, pursuant to the court’s order.  Any such order shall distinctly set forth the funds in question and name the payee.  Should the named payee be other than the depositor of the funds, that fact shall be reflected in the order. If the funds have been deposited in an interest-bearing account or an interest-bearing instrument, the party shall provide, on a separate filing attached to the motion seeking withdrawal of the funds, the social security number or employer identification number of the ultimate recipient of the funds.  The clerk shall forward this separate filing directly to the institution holding the money.

(Amended 12/1/09; amended 12/1/15; amended 12/1/17)