69.1 Writs of Execution; Related Proceedings

Every officer to whom a writ of execution is delivered shall make return thereon to the clerk's office unless the court otherwise directs.  When a sale is made under any execution and no particular time for return is prescribed by order of the court or provision of law, the return shall be made within thirty (30) days after said sale.  If no particular time is prescribed by order or law and no sale is made under the execution, return shall be made immediately after such execution occurs or, if not executed, within sixty (60) days after the writ of execution is issued.

An affidavit containing the following information shall be submitted with all requests for writs of execution:

1. a statement outlining any efforts made to recover judgment;

2. a statement certifying that a demand has been made;

3. a statement of what has been paid and what is owing;

4. an explanation of how the principal amount has been calculated if it differs from the amount awarded in the judgment; and

5. a statement that the amount on the writ is the amount due.      

(First paragraph amended 1/1/00, 12/1/09)