77.5 Agreement with Districts of Rhode Island and Maine

When, due to recusal of the judges of this district, a complaint is referred to a judge in either the District of Rhode Island or the District of Maine or when a judge of this district is designated to preside over a case filed in either of those districts due to recusal of the judges in those districts, the following procedures apply.

(1) The originating court shall retain jurisdiction over the case and enter final judgment.  Local rules of the originating court shall govern the case unless otherwise ordered by the judge who is presiding by designation.

(2) Conferences, hearings, and pretrials may be held in either district.  Jury trials must be held in the district of the originating court.

(3) Parties must make original filings with the clerk's office in the originating court.

(Title, first paragraph, §§ (a)(3) and (b) amended 1/1/02; § (a) heading deleted; former § (a)(3) amended, § (b) omitted 1/1/08)