83.15 Courtroom Technology

Persons using courtroom audio or visual equipment, including but not limited to videoconferencing and evidence presentation systems, shall be prepared to operate such systems without the assistance of the clerk’s office staff.  At a minimum, persons using courtroom audio or visual equipment shall (a) review materials on the court’s website related to the use of such technologies, including the Litigant’s Manual for Courtroom Technology for the appropriate courtroom; (b)  make arrangements with the clerk’s office no later than five (5) days prior to the hearing/trial if they would like to train on or otherwise become familiar with the court’s systems; (c) supply the necessary cables to connect personal laptops to the court’s evidence presentation system; and (d) perform a virus check on any media they intend to access on court provided computers.

(Added 1/1/06; § (e) omitted 12/1/11; formerly LR 83.14 renumbered to 83.15 12/1/13)