(b) Document Production Accompanying Preliminary Infringement Contentions

With the Preliminary Infringement Contentions, the party asserting patent infringement shall produce to each opposing party or make available for inspection and copying:

(1) Documents (e.g., contracts, purchase orders, invoices, advertisements, marketing materials, offer letters, beta site testing agreements, and third party or joint development agreements) sufficient to evidence each discussion with, disclosure to, or other manner of providing to a third party, or sale of or offer to sell, or any public use of, the claimed invention prior to the date of application for each patent in suit. A party's production of a document as required herein shall not constitute an admission that such document evidences or is prior art under 35 U.S.C. § 102;

(2) All documents evidencing the conception, reduction to practice, design, and development of each claimed invention, which were created on or before the date of application for each patent in suit or the priority date identified pursuant to SPR 5.1(a), whichever is earlier;

(3) A copy of the file history for each patent in suit;

(4) All documents evidencing ownership of the patent rights by the party asserting patent infringement; and

(5) If a party identifies its own practicing instrumentalities pursuant to SPR 5.1(a), documents sufficient to show the operation of any aspects or elements of such instrumentalities the patent claimant relies upon as embodying any asserted claims.

The producing party shall separately identify by production number(s) which documents correspond to each category.