DR-7 Disbarment on Consent While Under Disciplinary Investigation or Prosecution

(a) Any attorney admitted to practice before this court who is the subject of an investigation into, or a pending proceeding involving, allegations of misconduct may consent to disbarment but only by delivering to this court an affidavit stating that the attorney desires to consent to disbarment and that:

  (1) the attorney's consent is freely and voluntarily rendered; the attorney is not being subjected to coercion or duress; the attorney is fully aware of the implications of so consenting;

  (2) the attorney is aware that there is a presently pending investigation or proceeding involving allegations that there exist grounds for the attorney's discipline, the nature of which the attorney shall specifically set forth;

  (3) the attorney acknowledges that the material facts so alleged are true; and

  (4) the attorney so consents because the attorney knows that if charges were predicated upon the matters under investigation or if the proceedings were prosecuted, the attorney could not successfully defend himself.

(b) Upon receipt of the required affidavit, this court shall enter an order disbarring the attorney.

(c) The order disbarring the attorney on consent shall be a matter of public record. However, the affidavit required under the provisions of this rule shall not be publicly disclosed or made available for use in any other proceeding except upon order of this court.