Warning - Email Scams Purporting To Be From Federal Court

A number of federal district courts across the United States are reporting that citizens are being targeted by a juror phishing email that asks recipients to provide personal identifiers (SSN, DOB, mother’s maiden name, etc.) on an attached PDF form. Recently, we learned of another scam involving phony arrest warrants. These emails may tell recipients that to avoid arrest for money laundering, bank fraud, or missed jury duty, they must send money.

Please note that the court would never request that potential jurors send personal identification information in an email response. Requests by the court for any such information from potential jurors would be initiated by formal written correspondence. Additionally, a valid warrant would not be served by fax or email. It would be served in person by a U.S. Marshal or other law enforcement officer.   

If you recive a phony arrest warrant or jury notice, you should contact the FBI (Boston field office, 617.742.5533) or the U.S. Marshal's Office for the District of New Hampshire (603.225.1632).