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Electronic Case Files : PACER - CM/ECF

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Login for ECF and PACER - To electronically file documents with the court, use your ECF login.  To review dockets and retrieve electronically filed documents, user your PACER login.


PACER Service Center
US Party/Case Index


Supplemental Rules for ECF - Specific rules for electronic case filing
Appendix on Appeal in a Counseled Case - Explains how to create appeal brief appendix in a counseled case
Civil and Criminal Events Listing
Executive Summary of Supplemental Rules for ECF -Summary of various rules related to ECF
ECF Help Desk - Alternative methods for contacing Help Desk
ECF User Manual - Step by step instructions for filing electronically
FAQ - Answers to general questions regarding the Electronic Case Files project
Frequently Used Forms - Fillable PDF forms to assist with electronic filing
Judicial Conference Notice - Guidance on confidentiality concerns
PDF Software and Information - Explains PDF software needed to participate in electronic filing
Reference Materials - Important information/tips regarding ECF
Registration - ECF Registration and Credit Card Authorization forms
Security Controls - Security functions built-in to ECF
Skills - Computer skills necessary to operate system
Systems Requirements - Hardware and software suggestions
Training - Training options available in New Hampshire