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The City of Concord has been very cooperative in allowing parking privileges to our federal petit and grand juries. There are different parking instructions based on your status as a grand juror or petit juror. Please follow the instructions specifically provided to you in your summons packet.

Petit Jurors: Parking for Jury Selections

Grand Jurors: Grand jurors are provided with a courtesy parking pass at the begining of their term.

Courtesy parking passes should be placed on the inside dashboard, not under the outside wipers, on the driver's side so the pass is visible to police officers and parking inspectors for the City of Concord. It is important that you use this courtesy parking pass only when you are coming to the Rudman Courthouse as a juror. They should not be used for personal errands and should be destroyed following your term of service.

Jurors must be parked legally. Jurors who are not parked legally will not be protected against parking tickets. For example, do not block a driveway or park in bus stops or front of a fire-hydrant. If you park in a metered spot, please ensure that it is posted for a minimum usage of two hours. Short-term metered spots may not be used by jurors utilizing the courtesy parking pass.

There are several metered parking spots on the streets near the courthouse complex. Nonmetered spots are available on some side streets in residential neighborhoods, but these are usually farther away from the buildings and can present added difficulties in the winter months when sidewalks become unsafe due to snow and ice buildup. The city maintains a lot just north of the YMCA on State Street which usually has some spaces available (three-block walk). For a map of metered and nonmetered parking spots in downtown Concord, click here.

Please note that there are various parking spaces near the courthouse complex that are not available for public parking. Do not park directly in front of the courthouse complex on Pleasant Street. This area is a restricted area used only for law enforcement vehicles. Also, do not park in front of the local businesses located across the street from the courthouse, such as Remi's Restaurant and the barber shop. Finally, the parking lot adjacent to the Sacred Heart Church is leased parking only and the parking lot on the south side of the courthouse complex is for deliveries and federal employees.

One handicapped space is available on the corner of Pleasant and Spring Streets, across from the service station.