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Petit Jury - Documents

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When you are summoned for petit jury duty, you will be provided with an information packet with several types of documents used in the jury process. It is important that the court be notified of any change of address or change in telephone numbers.

Summons for Jury Duty
The summons contains a juror number and beginning date of jury duty. The lower portion of the summons should be completed and submitted by the deadline listed in the jury instructions provided by the court. The upper portion of the summons should not be discarded as it contains a 6-digit juror number on the right-hand side, directly below the juror's name. This juror number will be used for all contact with the court and will also be needed for check-in procedures upon arrival at the court.

In an effort to select fair and impartial juries, a questionnaire, used by the judge and lawyers during the impaneling of a jury, will be provided to you. The questionnaire is shared only with attorneys and parties actually involved in cases scheduled for trial. Those persons may not lawfully disclose the information you provide, nor may they reproduce the form. If you prefer not to answer any of the questions you may so note on the questionnaire, and the court will question you at the bench during the jury selection process about incomplete sections if the information is required. The questionnaire should also be completed and submitted by the deadline listed in the jury instructions provided by the court.

Jury Instructions and Maps
A complete set of jury instructions will be provided to all jurors summoned for jury duty. They contain dates of service and call-in dates, instructions for requesting a permanent excuse or hardship, fee information, directions/maps/parking, security requirements, a dress code, inclement weather instructions, and jury staff contacts. These instructions should be read completely and thoroughly in a timely manner because failure to become familiarized with jury instructions will not be grounds for a deferral or excuse from jury duty.

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