Criminal Form 1, Criminal Case Deadlines

NOTE:  This chart is meant merely as a summary.  Local and Federal Rules and orders in individual cases are controlling.

Criminal Case Deadlines
Amended Through December 1, 2018




Statement identifying organizational victim.  If corporation/partnership, disclosure statement. LCrR 12.4.1 At initial appearance
Disclosure statement. LCrR 12.4.1 At initial appearance

Arraignment held. Trial date set.

If complex, court sets status conference.

LCrR 10.1

LCrR 10.2

Post-arraignment meeting.  Counsel confer to discuss discovery matters. LCrR 10.3 Within 7 days after arraignment
Status conference held, if complex.  Deadlines for discovery and dispositive motions set by court. LCrR 10.2

Within 14 days after arraignment

Government discloses Fed. R. Crim. P. 16(a)(1) material. LCrR 16.1(b)(1)

Government discloses electronic communications evidence. LCrR 16.1(c)

Defendant discloses Fed. R. Crim. P. 16(b) material. LCrR 16.1(b)(2) Within 30 days after arraignment
Discovery motions due (except if complex). LCrR 12.1(a)

Disclosure of Later Identified Expert Witnesses and Reports LCrR 16.1(b)(3) 30 days before trial; rebuttal 15 days before trial
Dispositive and evidentiary motions due (except if complex). LCrR 12.1(b) Not later than 21 days before trial
Government discloses Brady and Giglio material. LCrR 16.1(d) At least 21 days before trial
Government discloses witness statements. LCrR 16.1(e) At least 7 days before trial
Government discloses Fed. R. Evid. 404(b) material. LCrR 16.1(f) At least 7 days before trial
Parties exchange and file exhibit lists and file separate JERS statement. LCrR 16.1(g)

Parties exchange and file witness lists. LCrR 16.1(h)

Motions in limine due. LCrR 12.1(c) Not later than 7 days before trial
Requests for special voir dire due. LCrR 24.1

Final pretrial conference held. LCrR 17.1.1 Approximately 7 days before trial
Operation of courtroom technology. LR 83.15 5 days before hearing/trial make arrangements to train on court’s systems if desired
Objections to exhibit lists due. LCrR 16.1(g) Day of trial (day jury drawn)
Objections to motions in limine due. LCrR 12.1(c)

Requests for jury instructions due. LCrR 30.1 Not later than day of trial
Parties file exhibits with the court. LCrR 16.1(g) 1 day before start of evidence
Transmission of exhibits for appeal. LR 83.14(d) 14 days after service of Notice of Appeal if agreed upon; if not, 21days after filing for appellant and 14 days thereafter for appellee
If defendant pleads or is found guilty:



Government provides written version of facts to Probation. LCrR 32.1(c) 14 days after plea or finding of guilt
Probation discloses presentence investigation report. LCrR 32.1(d) 42 days prior to sentencing
Parties file objections to report (or notice of no objection). LCrR 32.1(e) 14 days after receipt of report
If applicable, Probation provides revised pre-sentence investigation report and addendum. LCrR 32.1(g) 14 days prior to sentencing
Motions for departure/variance/sentencing memoranda due. LCrR 32.1(i) 10 days prior to sentencing; response 4 days prior
Sentencing held. LCrR 32.1(a) 14 weeks (98 days) after plea or finding of guilt
Government dismisses unresolved counts.

LCrR 48.1

At time of sentencing
If CJA appointed counsel, file completed voucher for fees and expenses. LCrR 44.1(b) 45 days after sentencing