Electronically Available Jury Questionnaires

In May 2015, the court will begin distributing juror questionnaires electronically via ECF to attorneys in those cases scheduled for trial and which do not involve any pro se parties. The questionnaires will be electronically distributed six (6) days in advance of jury selection. Any additional or supplemental questionnaires the court receives by the Friday before jury selection will be electronically distributed to attorneys by the end of business on that Friday. Jury questionnaires will continue to be available for review to all case participants in cases scheduled for trial in paper format at the clerk's office. In any case involving a pro se party, the jury questionaires will be available to the attorneys and pro se parties only in paper format at the clerk's office. All parties are reminded of the restrictions on the dissemination of questionnaires and information contained in questionnaires and the destruction requirements set forth in LR 47.1, which apply regardless of the format in which attorneys or parties receive or review the questionnaires.