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This e-mail service provides users with access to new opinions and selected notices from the district court as they are issued. Opinion summaries from the First Circuit Court of Appeals are an option made available from FindLaw.

District Court Opinions. Opinions are broken down into three groups--civil, criminal and published. The first two contain all civil or criminal opinions saved to the database. The third group contains both civil and criminal opinions but is limited to those that the court has designated for publication, i.e., an opinion that may have precedential value to practitioners. Therefore, if you want to receive copies of all opinions placed in our public database, check civil and criminal. If you are an infrequent practitioner or a publishing company, you may only wish to receive published opinions. If you check civil and/or criminal as well as published, you will receive duplicates.

First Circuit Opinion Summaries. FindLaw has allowed us to make one sentence opinion summaries available to subscribers. Each summary has a link providing easy access to the full text of the opinion.

CJA Panel Notices. Notices to members of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel are provided through this option. If you are a member of this group or wish to receive their notices and/or copies of useful information, please check the appropriate box.

Local Rules and News. All new users receive local rule updates and selected news items by default. News items will now include weather bulletins as they affect scheduled court proceedings, as well as general news items of interest to the bar and members of the general public.

Weather Bulletin. Not only will weather information affecting scheduled court proceedings be posted on our home page, but subscribed individuals will receive individual notice.

Registration Form. After you complete a registration form and select the types of opinions or notices you wish to receive, you will recieve a confirmation notice indicating that your registration has been processed. While completion of all fields is not required, we ask that you do furnish the information so we can utilize an associated database to consult with you regarding user satisfaction.

Modify. Use this option to change anything about your subscription, e.g., identifying information (name, e-mail address, firm, etc.) or the lists you have selected.

Discontinue. If you wish to discontinue the service in its entirety, use this option.