DR-11 Public Access and Confidentiality

(a) Publicly Available Records

All filings, orders, and proceedings involving allegations of misconduct by an attorney shall be public, except:

(1) When the court, on its own initiative or in response to a motion for protective order, orders that such matters shall not be made public. While a motion for protective order is pending, the motion and any objection to the motion will be filed under seal at Level I in accordance with LR 83.12, and

(2) Any filing, proceeding, or order issued pursuant to DR–6 prior to the initiation of formal disciplinary proceedings under DR-6(c).

(b) Respondent’s Request

The respondent attorney may request that the court make any matter public that would not otherwise be public under this rule.


(Retitled, text of rule stricken and replaced with §§ (a) and (b) 1/1/01; § (a) amended 12/1/13)