1.1 Scope of Supplemental Rules

(a) Title and Citation

The procedures governing all patent cases in which jurisdiction is based, in whole or in part, on 28 U.S.C. ยง 1338, shall be known as the "Supplemental Patent Rules." They shall be cited as "SPR ___."

(b) Court Discretion to Depart from Rules

The court shall have the discretion to depart from the specific provisions of the Supplemental Patent Rules to the extent a particular case presents exceptional circumstances warranting such departure.

(c) Compliance

In cases in which the Supplemental Patent Rules apply, the provisions herein shall bind the parties, and the parties may not seek to circumvent these provisions (e.g., by pursuing discovery into infringement and invalidity contentions through discovery requests seeking responses prior to the contentions process set out herein).

(d) Relationship to Other Rules

For all matters not addressed by the Supplemental Patent Rules, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, other applicable Local Rules, and any applicable judicial orders shall govern.