1.2 Availability; Amendments of Local Rules

(a) Availability.

Copies of the local rules may be purchased at the clerk's office. They are also available via the court’s web site (www.nhd.uscourts.gov).

(b) Amendments.

Except as otherwise provided, the court shall give notice of proposed amendments to the local rules through a publication distributed by the New Hampshire Bar Association, posting in the clerk's office, and posting on the court’s web site. The court shall allow at least thirty (30) days from the date of notice for public comment. 

When the court determines that there is an immediate need for an amendment, it may proceed without providing public notice or public comment, provided that the court promptly thereafter gives public notice and opportunity for public comment.


(§§ (a) and (b) amended 1/1/00; 1/1/01; (b) amended 12/1/15)