5.1 Format and Service of Filings

(a) Size and Format

Filings shall be on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper of good quality; be plainly typewritten, printed, or prepared by a clearly legible duplication process in a font size no smaller than ten (10) characters per inch or, if a proportionately spaced font is used, no less than twelve (12) point; have no less than one (1) inch margins; be consecutively numbered in the bottom center of each page; and be double spaced except for quoted material.  Footnotes shall be used sparingly.

(1) Unbound Conventional Paper Filings

Complaints, motions, appendices, exhibits, attachments and supporting memoranda shall be stapled or otherwise attached but shall not be permanently bound.

(2) Requirements for Appendices

When a conventionally filed paper appendix or attachment includes more than one exhibit, it shall also include a table of contents or index, and each exhibit shall be separately numbered and marked with a separate tab page.  All affidavits submitted to the court shall be included as exhibits in the appendix or attachment.  All documents submitted to the court as exhibits, attachments, or appendices shall be complete, legible copies.  As to each appendix or attachment submitted to the court, counsel are encouraged to include all relevant documents and should avoid incorporating prior submissions by reference. 

(b) Identification of Attorney

The attorney's name, address, primary telephone number, e-mail address and New Hampshire bar number, or its equivalent in cases where the attorney is not a member of the New Hampshire bar, shall appear on all filings.  The bar number shall immediately follow the attorney's typed name in the signature section of all filings.

(c) Identification of Filings

All filings shall contain the caption of the case and a description of its contents and identify the party on whose behalf it is filed.  All filings subsequent to the initial filing shall also show the proper docket number including the suffix which indicates the initials of the presiding judge.

When any filing includes a request for special process or relief or any other request that, if granted, would require the court to proceed other than in the ordinary course, the request shall noted on the first page, immediately to the right of, or immediately beneath, the caption.

(d) Certificate of Service

The certificate of service required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(d)(1) shall state the name and address of the attorney or party served, the manner of service, the date of service, and shall be personally signed by one counsel of record or by a party proceeding pro se.

(e) Facsimile and Email Filings

The clerk's office shall not accept filings by facsimile or email without an oral or written court order authorizing such filings.

(f) Affidavits

All affidavits shall identify the filing they support or oppose by indicating the filing's title.

(g) Removed Actions

This rule shall not apply to exhibits or filings in removed actions filed prior to removal from state court.

(h) Translations Required

Absent an order of the court upon a showing of good cause, the court will reject documents not in the English language unless translations are furnished.  Partial translations are acceptable if stipulated to by the parties or submitted by a party.  When partial translations are submitted by a party, opposing parties may submit translations of such additional parts as they deem necessary for a proper understanding of the substance of the matter submitted.

(i) Service on a Limited Representation Attorney

When an attorney has been granted leave to provide limited representation under LR 83.7, copies of all filings by any party shall be served on the party who is receiving the limited representation and the limited representation attorney.  After the limited representation attorney has given notice or withdrawn pursuant to LR 83.7(e), no further service need be made upon that attorney.


(§ (a), 2nd paragraph regarding binding requirements deleted 1/1/00; §§ (a)(1) and (2) added 1/1/00; retitled, new § (d) added, former § (d)-(f) relettered accordingly 1/1/04; §§ (a)(1)-(2) amended 1/1/06; § (a)(1) retitled, §§ (a)(2) and (b) amended, § (d) amended, § (h) added 1/1/08; § (i) added 12/1/13; §§ (b) and (c) amended 12/1/17)