47.1 Dissemination of Juror Questionnaires

No later than five (5) business days prior to the date of the first trial period in the current one-month term of service, the clerk's office shall maintain and make available copies of any completed juror questionnaire forms optionally provided to the court, to attorneys, their agents and to pro se parties actually involved in cases scheduled for trial. 

Any individual given access to the questionnaires shall not disclose the questionnaires, or information contained therein, to anyone other than the attorneys, their agents, or the parties involved in the trial.  Absent leave of court, at the conclusion of the trial or an appeal if one is taken, all information derived from the questionnaires, with the exception of petit juror names, as well as the questionnaires themselves if distribution is permitted by the court, shall be destroyed in a manner consistent with the destruction of sensitive documents or electronic information. The court may further limit access to, or the distribution of, juror information for good cause. Violation of this rule may be treated as contempt of court.