Beware - Jury Scam

We have become aware of another jury scam that has been recently occurring in NH. The scammer is phoning potential victims, telling them that a warrant has been issued for their arrest for failing to report for jury duty or for other reasons. They then tell victims they can avoid arrest by purchasing a prepaid debit card such as a Green Dot card or gift card and read the card number over the phone to satisfy the fine. This is not how this court communicates with jurors. If you receive such a call, you should report it to the Federal Trade Commission by going to this website (, clicking on the link entitled "File a Consumer Complaint," and on the next page clicking on the red alert banner entitled "Click here to report someone falsely claiming to be from the government, a business, or a family member." If you have any concerns about whether the call relates to your obligations as a potential juror in this court, please call our Jury Administrator, Cathy Dube, at (603) 226-7791. A press release from the U.S. Marshal's Service is available here.