(c) Exceptions

(1) The court may permit the photographing, recording (audio or video), broadcasting, transmitting, or televising of naturalization, investiture, swearing-in, or similar ceremonies or special proceedings.

(2) Unless otherwise prohibited by a judge or the clerk, members of the bar of this court or any other bar and their agents may possess and use cell phones, computers, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and similar electronic devices within the Rudman Courthouse. However, such devices shall be set on silence mode, and no telephone calls made or received, while in any courtroom or judge’s chambers without specific advance authorization by the presiding judge. Additionally, the use of cell phones for telephone calls shall be restricted to conference rooms within the Rudman Courthouse.

In no event shall any such device be employed by counsel or anyone else in any manner designed to photograph, record (audio or video), broadcast, transmit, or televise any proceeding, scene, discussion, or event. It is the intent of this rule to preserve the prohibitions set out in subsection (a), while allowing some reasonable flexibility to members of a bar (who are subject to professional sanction) to effectively perform their professional obligations.

Pro se litigants and others may be extended similar privileges upon application to the clerk of court and showing of good cause for or particular need for an exception.