(c) Subjects for Consideration

In addition to the subjects listed in Fed. R. Civ. P. 16(c)(2), the court may consider and take appropriate action on the following subjects:

(1) evidentiary problems, including admissibility of exhibits, motions in limine, expert witnesses, and elimination of cumulative evidence;

(2) order of presentation in multiparty cases;

(3) issues concerning jury selection, including proposed voir dire and the number of jurors;

(4) requests for a view pursuant to LR 39.3;

(5) order of witnesses;

(6) proposed jury instructions, requests for special verdicts, and other legal questions;

(7) stipulations of uncontested fact;

(8) possibility of settlement;

(9) length of trial and imposition of time limits; and

(10) any special needs of trial participants.