(d) Withdrawals

An attorney may only withdraw from a case by leave of court after the filing of a motion with the clerk’s office if (1) there are any motions pending before the court, (2) the case has been pre-tried, or (3) a trial date has been set. If these circumstances do not exist or, if another attorney from the same law firm, government agency or in-house legal counsel will be continuing to represent the client, an attorney may withdraw by serving a notice of withdrawal on the client and on all other parties and by filing the notice with the clerk's office. When an attorney withdraws from a case and no other appearance is entered, the clerk's office shall notify the party by mail of such withdrawal, and unless the party appears pro se or through counsel by a date set by the court, the court will terminate the case by a dismissal or default judgment. As a condition of withdrawal, the attorney shall notify the clerk's office, in writing, of the client's last known address.