Fee Exempt PACER Account for CJA Panel Attorneys

CJA panel attorneys can register with the PACER Service Center for a fee exempt PACER account that may be used for cases in which they have been appointed as CJA counsel.

Use of a fee exempt PACER account is NOT permitted for private cases. CJA panel attorneys will need to have two PACER accounts if they wish to take advantage of the CJA fee exempt status: a fee exempt account for CJA appointed cases and a non-exempt account for retained/private cases. CJA panel attorneys will need to take care to ensure that the two accounts are each used properly. Fee exempt PACER accounts are audited regularly for improper usage.

 CJA panel attorneys may obtain a fee exempt PACER account directly from the PACER Service Center:

1. Go to www.pacer.gov.

2. Click on “REGISTER” in the menu near the top of the screen.

3. On the REGISTER screen, click on “PACER - Case Search Only Registration.”

4. On the PACER CASE SEARCH ONLY REGISTRATION screen, click on “Register for a PACER Account Now.”

5. On the REGISTER FOR A PACER (CASE SEARCH) ACCOUNT screen, fill in the required information being sure to check the box reading “Check here if this account will be used by an attorney appoint edto the CJA Attorney Panel.”

6. Complete the registration process.

Attorneys who resign or are removed from the CJA Panel must cease using the fee exempt account and must notify the PACER Service Center that the fee exempt CJA Panel account should be closed.