Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS)

About JERS

The Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) allows jurors to review evidence (documentary, photo, or video exhibits) on a large plasma screen using a touch screen kiosk during their deliberations. By using JERS, jurors can jointly view evidence multiple times, rewind videos, use a zoom feature, or review jury instructions.

Use of JERS in the District of New Hampshire

The use of JERS in this district is governed by LR 83.16. In short, the parties will indicate their respective positions regarding the use of JERS as follows:

  • Civil Cases: In the final pretrial statement pursuant to LR 16.2(a)(6) and, if necessary by motion filed pursuant to LR 16.2(b)(6).
  • Criminal Cases: In a notice and, if necessary by motion, filed within 7 days of the jury selection date pursuant to LCrR 16.1(h).

If the court determines JERS should be used for a jury trial, LR 83.16(b) requires the parties to submit their exhibits in electronic format at the same time they submit their paper exhibits, which in a civil case will be on or before seven (7) days prior to jury selection (LR 83.14(a)) and, in a criminal case, one (1) day before the start of evidence (LCrR 16.1(g)).

For more information, please see our answers to frequently asked questions about JERS.

How to Submit Electronic Exhibit Files

Electronic evidence files should be provided on a Data Storage Device, such as USB drive, DVD, or CD. The Data Storage Device submitted to the court must be labeled with the case name and submitting party's or attorney's name.Please note: If the total file size of all electronic exhibits to be submitted by a party is too large to fit on one DVD or CD, the exhibits must be submitted to the court on a USB drive. Additionally, the Data Storage Device shall shall be formatted (i.e. sanitized) prior to uploading proposed electronic exhibits and shall contain no additional content of any kind.

While exhibit stickers are used for paper/physical exhibits, the electronic exhibits provided for use in JERS should not display the exhibit numbering stickers. The exhibit description used in JERS replaces the use of exhibit stickers on the electronic version of exhibits only. Additionally, for any exhibit that is marked for identification, do not include “(ID)” in the exhibit number or description of the electronic copy submitted for use in JERS.

A copy of the electronic evidence files submitted to the court must be provided to opposing parties pursuant to LR 83.16(b).

All electronic evidence should be submitted using the following formats:

  • Documents and Photographs: .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif
  • Video and Audio Recordings: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mp3, .wma, .wav, .MPEG2, .MPEG4

In order to properly upload electronic exhibits into JERS, it is critically important that the parties strictly comply with the following required naming convention:

(exhibit number)-(exhibit part)_(exhibit description).(file extension)

More information about the proper naming conventions for JERS exhibits is available here.

Physical or Bulky Exhibits

Exhibits that cannot be reduced to electronic format, such as a car bumper or airplane engine, should be identified in and represented by a Notice of Physical Exhibit that is included in the electronic evidence files submitted to the court.

Please contact Laura Michalski (603-225-1496) or Jim Chiavaras (603-225-1176) with any questions regarding JERS.


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