How do I know if I have an upgraded PACER account?

Upgraded PACER accounts have usernames that are at least 8 characters. If your username is 6 characters, you do not have an upgraded account. To verify your account type:

  • Go to and click on Manage My Account
  • Look under "Account Type".  If you see  "Legacy PACER Account", press the Upgrade link and follow these instructions to upgrade your PACER account.


My law firm/office shares PACER accounts. Can we continue to do this in NextGen CM/ECF?

Each user must have an individual PACER account to use for electronic filing in NextGen. A PACER Administrative Account (PAA) can be created to manage the billing for all the individual accounts. Staff members who share a PACER account only for research can continue to share. Please see thePAA User Manual for more information

NOTE: The PAA will not allow access to case information.


I am a CJA Attorney and I currently have two PACER accounts. Will I continue to need two PACER accounts with NextGen?

CJA Attorneys will only need one PACER account for filing and viewing in CM/ECF NextGen. If you have a separate exempt CJA account now, those exempt privileges will be added to your individual upgraded PACER account and your current exempt account will be canceled. Click here for instructions on setting up a CJA PACER account and requesting the fee exemption.


I already have CJA filing privileges in another NextGen court. Is there anything else I need to do?

Panel attorneys need to contact the PACER Service Center via email at or by phone at 800-676-6856. Please provide your name, PACER username, and PACER account number. Request that CJA privileges for the District of New Hampshire are added to your account.


Once I upgrade my PACER account, will this impact my ability to access other courts who are not on NextGen?

Your individual upgraded PACER account will allow you to view electronic documents filed in both NextGen and non-NextGen federal courts.


How do I continue to file in other courts who are not on NextGen?

You will continue to use the CM/ECF login and password issued to you by the individual court to electronically file in CM/ECF.

For a list of federal courts currently using NextGen CM/ECF, click List.


I linked my account when the First Circuit Court of Appeals converted to NextGen CM/ECF. Do I have to link my account again?

Yes, once the District Court upgrades this fall, you will need to link your upgraded PACER account to your District Court CM/ECF account before you will be able to file electronic documents with this court.


I am not an electronic filer and I do not have an upgraded PACER account. Do I need to upgrade?

While PACER recommends that all individual PACER accounts be upgraded, only users who file documents electronically in CM/ECF are required to upgrade their PACER account.


I am an electronic filer and I have an upgraded PACER account. What do I do now?

The District of New Hampshire will go live on NextGen CM/ECF in the fall of 2019.  Once we go live, you will receive an email instructing you to link your newly created or upgraded individual PACER account with your current CM/ECF account.  The court will post instructions on how to perform the linking at a later date.


What happens to my CM/ECF account after the court transitions to NextGen?

After the court upgrades to NextGen, you will need to link your current CM/ECF account to your upgraded PACER account.  Once the two accounts are linked you will no longer use your CM/ECF username or password.


What if I do not know my CM/ECF password?

Please call 603-225-1423 for assistance.