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Trials and Hearings

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ADA Features

Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) - Contains information on JERS, a new courtroom technology that allows deliberating jurors to view exhibits electronically.

Exhibits - Instructions for Marking - Section includes practical guidance, helpful suggestions, and samples for complying with the court's pre-marked exhibit requirement.

Jury Selection Procedures - Section includes not only a brief overview of the jury selection process, but also information as to when jury lists and questionnaires are made available to the parties.

Jury Verdicts - Contains a current, year-to-date listing of jury verdicts rendered in this court. Prior year(s) listings will also be included beginning with 2003.

Trial Periods - Section contains scheduled jury trial periods for each judicial officer over 2 to 3 year period.

Wireless Internet Access - Helpful information as well as technical requirements and risks associated with the court's free internet access.