Atrium Medical Corp. Case Management Orders and Frequently Requested Pleadings

Case No: 16-md-2753 LM
Atrium Medical Corp. C-Qur Mesh Products Liability Litigation

Case Management and Procedural Orders:

Order Date Subjects
Case Management Order 1 1/13/2017

General Case Management Matters; Filing Instructions; Initial Conference

Case Management Order 2 2/10/2017

Direct Filing; Waiver of Service of Process

Case Management Order 3 3/13/2017

Plaintiffs' Leadership Structure; Status Conferences; Master Complaint and Short Form, Master Answer, Discovery; Deposition Guidelines; Electronic Discovery; Protective Order; Pathology Preservation

Amended Case Management Order 3 4/19/2018 Amended Case Management Order No. 3
Case Management Order 3A 3/13/2017

Responsibilities of Designated Counsel

Case Management Order 3B 3/13/2017

Deposition Guidelines

Case Management Order 3C 3/13/2017

Protocol for Collection, Preservation, and Division of Pathology Material

Case Management Order 3D 7/5/2017 Coordination of Discovery and Pretrial Proceedings
Case Management Order 3E 7/5/2017 Protective Order
Case Management Order 4 5/15/2017

Plaintiffs' Common Benefit Fee and Expense Fund

Case Management Order 4 Attachment 5/15/2017

Plaintiffs Leadership Group Agreement

Procedural Order 6/12/2017 Approving Master Complaint; Addressing Use of Short Form Complaint
Case Management Order 3F 7/27/2017 Production of Physically Stored and Electronically Stored Information
Case Management Order 3G 8/3/2017 Enabling Order for PPF, PFS, DPF, DFS and Joint Records Collection
Procedural Order 9/28/2017 Short Form Complaint, In-Person Appearances at Monthly Status Conferences, and Status Conference Transcripts
Case Management Order 3E(i) 1/5/2018 Addendum to Protective Order
Amended Case Management Order 3C 1/12/2018 Amended Agreed Order and Stipulation Regarding Protocol for Collection, Preservation, and Division of Pathology Material
Amended Case Management Order 3G


Amended Enabling Order for PPF, PFS, DPF, DFS and Joing Records Collection
Procedural Order 3/9/2018 Jurisdictional Discovery Requests, Deposition Dates and Locations, Defendants' Privilege Log, and Bellweather Case Management Order
Protective Order 4/20/2018 Protective Order
Procedural Order 4/20/2018 Proposed Bellwether Case Management Order, Status Depositions, Immunity against Transient Jurisdiction for Getinge AB Designees, Procedure for Objecting to Depositions in their Entirety, Briefing Schedule for Forthcoming Motion to Dismiss Based on Lack of Personal Jurisdiction, Motion to Compel
Case Management Order 3H 5/29/2018 Discovery, Scheduling and Case Management Order - Initial Discovery Pool (Bellwether)
Protective Order 7/12/2018 Protective Order

 Frequently Requested Pleadings and Orders:

Document Date Document Number
Master Long Form Complaint 4/14/2017 53
Short Form Complaint 6/12/2017 71-1
Master Answer - Getinge AB 6/6/2017 77
Master Answer - Maquet Cardiovascular US Sales LLC 6/6/2017 75
Master Answer - Atrium Medical Corp. 6/6/2017 74
Science Day - Plaintiffs Power Point Presentation 10/27/17  
Science Day - Defendants Power Point Presentation 10/27/17  
Order on Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Discovery 11/14/17 300
Order on Motion to Dismiss 1/8/2018 379
Plaintiff Profile Form (per Case Management Order 3G)
*DO NOT FILE WITH COURT-Send to Defense Counsel
Notice of Ruling 3/14/2018 539


Hearing Date Document Number
Telephone Conference 2/7/2017 45
Special Court Hearing 2/24/2017 46
Telephone Conference 4/13/2017 58
Status Conference 5/11/2017 67
Status Conference 6/22/2017 91
Telephone Conference 7/13/2017 125
Status Conference 9/25/17 193
Special Hearing 10/27/17 315
Telephone Conference 11/9/17 316
Status Conference 12/14/2017 367
Status Conference 2/22/2018 509
Status Conference 3/8/2018 594
Status Conference 4/3/2018 579
Status Conference 4/19/2018 599
Status Conference 5/17/2018 637