Atrium Medical Corp. Case Management Orders and Frequently Requested Pleadings

Case No: 16-md-2753 LM
Atrium Medical Corp. C-Qur Mesh Products Liability Litigation

Case Management Orders:

Order Date Subjects
Case Management Order 1 1/13/2017

General Case Management Matters; Filing Instructions; Initial Conference

Case Management Order 2 2/10/2017

Direct Filing; Waiver of Service of Process

Case Management Order 3 3/13/2017

Plaintiffs' Leadership Structure; Status Conferences; Master Complaint and Short Form, Master Answer, Discovery; Deposition Guidelines; Electronic Discovery; Protective Order; Pathology Preservation

Case Management Order 3A 3/13/2017

Responsibilities of Designated Counsel

Case Management Order 3B 3/13/2017

Deposition Guidelines

Case Management Order 3C 3/13/2017

Protocol for Collection, Preservation, and Division of Pathology Material

Case Management Order 3D 7/5/2017 Coordination of Discovery and Pretrial Proceedings
Case Management Order 3E 7/5/2017 Protective Order
Case Management Order 4 5/15/2017

Plaintiffs' Common Benefit Fee and Expense Fund

Case Management Order 4 Attachment 5/15/2017

Plaintiffs Leadership Group Agreement

Procedural Order 6/12/2017 Approving Master Complaint; Addressing Use of Short Form Complaint
Case Management Order 3F 7/27/17 Production of Physically Stored and Electronically Stored Information
Case Management Order 3G 8/3/17 Enabling Order for PPF, PFS, DPF, DFS and Joint Records Collection
Procedural Order 9/28/2017 Short Form Complaint, In-Person Appearances at Monthly Status Conferences, and Status Conference Transcripts

 Frequently Requested Pleadings:

Document Date Document Number
Master Long Form Complaint 4/14/2017 53
Short Form Complaint 6/12/2017 71-1
Master Answer - Getinge AB 6/6/2017 77
Master Answer - Maquet Cardiovascular US Sales LLC 6/6/2017 75
Master Answer - Atrium Medical Corp. 6/6/2017 74
Science Day - Plaintiffs Power Point Presentation 10/27/17  
Science Day - Defendants Power Point Presentation 10/27/17  
Order on Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Discovery 11/14/17 300


Hearing Date Document Number
Telephone Conference 2/7/2017 45
Special Court Hearing 2/24/2017 46
Telephone Conference 4/13/2017 58
Status Conference 5/11/2017 67
Status Conference 6/22/2017 91
Telephone Conference 7/13/2017 125