AJIS (Automated Juror Information System)

What is AJIS?

AJIS (say "A-jiss") is the automated system used by the jury office to provide reporting instructions and updated information to jurors. Jurors use the unique 9-digit participant number on their summons to access AJIS to hear a recorded message with individual reporting instructions and/or current jury status.

Reporting Instructions and AJIS

Jurors summoned for petit jury service have a Summons letter that outlines reporting dates AND call-in dates. You will use AJIS on your call-in dates.

As a petit juror, you should assume you will need to report for all jury selections on your summons, however, it is CRITICAL that you call AJIS on your call-in dates, at the time assigned on your summons, to confirm there have been no schedule changes or cancellations, as well as to hear any special instructions  and your reporting time.

NOTE: The first hour on call-in dates is a high-volume time and you may receive a busy signal for several minutes. Please wait a few minutes, then call back.

Please note that if you report unnecessarily, the court cannot compensate you.

Using AJIS

  • Have your summons handy for reference to your 9-digit participant number
  • Call 800-776-0320
  • Listen to the call menu. Choose the option for “Automated Jury Instruction” line; “AJIS”
  • Follow the prompts to enter your 9-digit participant number.
    • Your number is located near the barcode on your summons
  • Save your original summons until all of your reporting dates are completed

Notifications and Emergencies

In the event of an unforeseeable change in the court’s schedule, the jury clerk will use AJIS to issue an outgoing alert via phone and/or email. It is important that you provide the court with a working email or phone number where you may be contacted with no call blocking, auto attendant or ID restrictions of any kind.