Educational Outreach

Outreach Programs

Off-site Naturalization Ceremonies

Working with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the court brings naturalization ceremonies on the road, typically to local high schools. A large number of students are able to view the patriotic ceremony that celebrates citizenship. Students are engaged in the ceremony itself through music, readings, letter-writing contests and pledge of allegiance.

Naturalization Plus

Naturalization Plus is a full-day civics program for middle school students. Students begin the day by observing a naturalization ceremony. Students prepare and participate in mock appellate oral arguments based on first amendment issues. Local law school students work with the students to prepare these arguments. Students also participate in a scripted, mock criminal trial. Students are assigned roles of lawyers, judges, and jurors, to fully participate in the whole process. Additionally, staff from Probation presents an anti-bullying program.

You Be the Judge

High School students learn about the federal court system and federal sentencing guidelines. Law clerks, law school students and probation staff serve as defense and prosecution coaches to assist students in developing arguments for hypothetical sentencing hearings. The day concludes with the students observing a sentencing hearing in the courtroom. After the hearing, students debrief with council on what occurred.

Inquiries regarding any of these programs may be directed to the Clerk's Office.