Welcome to Jury Service

Dear Prospective Juror:

Welcome to jury service in the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire. Jury duty is an obligation placed on all United States citizens, but it is also an opportunity to become a fundamental participant in this responsibility we all share as Americans. Service as a juror requires no special skills or knowledge; it does require fairness and impartiality, sound judgment, and a willingness to participate with your fellow citizens.

The Judges of this court recognize that your participation in jury service may disrupt your daily life, causing sacrifices such as missing work, losing income and rescheduling appointments. However, I am confident that the time you spend on jury service will be a valuable learning experience. It will provide an opportunity to learn more about our system of justice and how it works, as well as participating in the democratic process.

The Court is committed to ensure that your valuable time is well spent and to make your service as rewarding as possible. Thank you in advance for your service,

Daniel J. Lynch, Clerk of Court

United States District Court

District of New Hampshire