Rules & Orders

Local Rules

Download a hyperlinked and searchable PDF copy of the rules. Also includes a summary of recent rule changes.


Download the court's standing and other orders

Federal Rules

Includes links to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence

Local Rule Subcommittee

The Court also has a Local Rule Subcommittee, comprised of local practitioners who consider the various proposed amendments to the local rules during each rule change cycle.  Committee members are listed below.  If you have a proposed local rule amendment or idea, please forward them to any of the committee members listed below or contact the Clerk of Court directly. 

Membership Roster and Email Address

Gilles Bissonnette

Ben Folsom

Sam Garland

Michele Kenney

Robert Lucic

Behzad Mirhashem

Charles Powell

Robert Rabuck

Kristen Weberg

Mark Zuckerman