Bar Card

Active members of the bar of this court may apply for a building access / photo identification card ("Bar Card"). The Bar Card, which is valid for two years from date of issuance, allows active members of the court's bar to receive an "expedited" security screening when entering the Rudman Courthouse. Though still required to proceed through the magnetometer and place any bags, briefcases, or heavy coats on the x-ray belt, Bar Card holders are not required to remove jewelry, watches, shoes, or belts.

Download the Bar Card Application here. Please bring the completed form to the Clerk’s Office, along with two (2) forms of identification. It will take a few minutes to process and issue your Bar Card.

Bar Cards are non-transferable and lost cards shall be reported to the clerk's office without delay. Attorneys using a Bar Card to obtain access to the courthouse may not bring another person's (including clients') personal property into the building. CSOs may temporarily confiscate any Bar Card suspected of being used in a manner inconsistent with its permitted use. Any confiscated Bar Card shall be delivered to the clerk. The clerk may, in his discretion, decline to issue, or request the return of, a previously issued Bar Card. That decision may be reviewed upon written request to the chief judge.