Electronic Case Files (ECF)

Attorneys must file all documents in civil and criminal cases electronically using the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) portion of the court's CM/ECF system absent exemption by Local Rule, Supplemental Rule for Electronic Case Filing, or Court Order. Non-incarcerated pro se litigants in a pending case may apply to the court for permission to file documents electronically through ECF.

PACER Login/Password
The District of New Hampshire is a NextGen CM/ECF Court. File documents electronically using the login and password issued to you by PACER.

Attorneys admitted to the Bar of this court or Pro Hac Vice may may request permission to file in the District of New Hampshire through the PACER "Manage My Account" page under the Maintenance tab. Attorneys admitted to practice Pro Hac Vice must wait until their motion is granted before registering.

Attorneys, and parties given permission to file electronically, must keep the email address(es) associated with their PACER account(s) current to ensure receipt of filings.  The Primary email address may be updated by selecting "Manage My Account" in PACER, entering the log in and passwork for the account, and selecting "Update PACER Billing Email" under the Settings tab.

Pro Se Motion to Obtain Permission to File Electronically
Non-incarcerated pro se parties may request permission to file electronically in a particular case by completing this form and filing it with the clerk's office in paper.