Juror Parking

The following instructions apply to all jurors reporting for Petit Jury Selection. Grand jurors should follow the parking instructions printed on the backs of their summons.

Nine (9) hour (all day) parking spots are generally available in the city parking garages. To obtain reimbursement for parking fees, please follow these simple steps:

(1) Pay for the parking spot at a kiosk for the entire day before you leave the garage.

(2) Enter your parking payment information on the Parking Reimbursement Form on this website: https://www.nhd.uscourts.gov/jury-parking-reimbursement

Please visit our Maps/Directions page for directions to the courthouse.

The distance to the courthouse complex from all garages is approximately four blocks. City garages are located at:

  • Capital Commons Garage, 75 Storrs Street
  • Durgin Block Garage, 17 School Street
  • Firehouse Garage, 18 North State Street

City garage kiosk units will accept coins, debit cards and credit cards. The maximum amount you will be required to pay for the day is $5.00.

Please visit the City of Concord website for general information on city parking, or direct questions by telephone to Concord Parking Administration at 225-8640. (Office Hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM). To report a broken kiosk, call 225-8600.

Handicapped Parking

If you have a handicapped placard, city ordinances allow you to park anywhere closer to the courthouse complex provided, (1) your placard is properly displayed, (2) the space allows for at least two hours or more of parking; and (3) you comply with parking restrictions as posted. For example, handicapped jurors may not park around the courthouse complex in parking spots reserved for law enforcement officers, in the private lot across the street from the Cleveland Building, or in the 20-minute parking zone on Pleasant Street directly across from the courthouse entrance.

If you are selected to serve as a trial juror, you will be provided with a courtesy pass allowing all-day courtesy parking near the courthouse in any spot that is marked for 2 or more hours of parking. Your courtroom deputy will provide you with this information following selection.