Alternatives to Filing Pro Se

In most civil cases, a pro se party does not have a right to court appointed counsel. Thus, most people who file and pursue litigation in this court hire an attorney to represent them. Some attorneys may be willing to accept a reduced fee or lenient fee payment schedule. Other attorneys may be willing to accept your case on a contingent fee basis, which means the attorney would receive a fee based upon the percentage of your recovery if you win your case and would receive nothing if you do not prevail. Finally, in some limited circumstances, the opposing side may be required to pay your attorney’s fees if you win your case.

If you would prefer to have an attorney represent you but you are unable to hire one, you may want to consider contacting the following services that, in some cases, may provide free or low cost legal assistance:

NH Modest Means Legal Program
(603) 715-3290

603 Legal Aid
(800) 639-5290 or (603) 224-3333

New Hampshire Legal Assistance
(603) 224-4107

Disabilities Rights Center Inc. (for disability-related cases)
(603) 228-0432 or (800) 834-1721

NH American Civil Liberties Union
(603) 225-3038

If you are struggling with mental health or homelessness, click here for information on resources available in the state.