How do I make a document text searchable?

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The feature that renders PDF documents text-searchable is Optical Character Recognition or OCR. How to make a document text searchable depends upon the software a user has available to them as well as how a document was created. • Word/ WordPerfect: Newer versions automatically make a PDF text-searchable when converting the document to PDF using the "Publish to PDF" option. Print to PDF does not render a PDF that is text-searchable. • Adobe Acrobat Professional: Any PDF that is opened in Adobe Professional can be made text-searchable by the program. • In Adobe X, go to Tools/Recognize Text/In This File. A dialog box will open with a radio button auto-set to "All Pages." Click Ok. Note: Adobe Reader cannot make PDFs text-searchable. If you have a version of Adobe Acrobat that is earlier than X, you can search the internet for instructions on how to make the PDF text-searchable using your software version. • Scanners: Many newer models of scanners (and copiers with a scanning component) have an option to turn on OCR functionality. Users should consult the user guide for the scanner or their IT staff for assistance in turning this feature on.