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The court maintains a database of selected opinions issued from 1994 to the present. Searches can be accomplished by entering keywords, names, or phrases in the boxes below. Your search can be further refined by selecting the desired proximity of the search terms.

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 Search Tips:
  • The default connector in the "Search for this" box is AND.
  • The OR connector is not recognized by this search tool.
  • Use " " to identify exact phrases in your search query.
  • An asterisk (*) may be used as a wildcard, the same way you would use an "!" in Lexis and Westlaw.
  • The search function should automatically search for words with common alternate suffixes.
  • Letter cases do not matter.
  • You may rank your search results by relevance of search terms or dates of the opinions.
Results Tips:
  • Your results will give you the option to open as a .pdf by clicking the title or to open a "preview" HTML window.
  • The .pdf will allow you to download (save) or print.
  • The preview window will highlight most of your search terms. Click on the highlighted words to move between search terms.