ECF Filings FAQs

The Clerk's Office is fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated staff. While we encourage you to call us if you have questions, we hope you will first take the time to research your inquiry using the various sections of this web site. To expedite your research this section provides answers to those frequently asked questions about the court and its procedures. We hope you find them helpful and informative.

  • How do I link my reply to the objection to motion filed in the case?
    When filing a reply to an objection to motion, you do not link the reply directly to the objection. Rather, link the reply to the motion that initiated the string of filings.
  • Who may file documents electronically with the court?
    Attorneys must file documents electronically. Non-incarcerated pro se litigants may file electronically if authorized by court order.
  • How are filing fees paid?
    Filing users who submit documents that require the payment of a filing fee must use the internet payment module in ECF. The user will be automatically directed through the internet payment screens as part of the filing process. Credit card and ACH Debit payments are accepted.