General Information FAQs

The Clerk's Office is fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated staff. While we encourage you to call us if you have questions, we hope you will first take the time to research your inquiry using the various sections of this web site. To expedite your research this section provides answers to those frequently asked questions about the court and its procedures. We hope you find them helpful and informative.

  • Where can I obtain a copy of the Local Rules?
    Copies of the Local Rules for the District of New Hampshire may be downloaded from the Rules section of this website. A book version is also available from the Clerk's Office for $4.50, plus postage if mailed.
  • What types of advice can the Clerk's Office personnel give?
    Clerk's Office staff cannot give "legal advice" or "practice law" as they are prohibited under Title 28 U.S.C. Section 955. Therefore, Clerk's Office personnel cannot: explain the meaning of a specific rule; make an interpretation of case law; explain the result of taking or not taking an action in a case; answer whether jurisdiction is proper in a case; answer whether a complaint properly presents a claim; or provide advice on the best procedure to accomplish a particular objective. Clerk's Office staff CAN provide procedural information such as: instructions on how to execute a task (e.g. number of copies, use of forms etc.), and provide information as to compliance with this Court's policies.
  • How do I obtain copies and certified copies of documents in a case file?
    You may obtain copies of documents by printing copies of any record or document accessed electronically at a public terminal in the courthouse for $.10 per page or by sending a written request along with prepayment of $.50 per page for copies to be made by Clerk's Office personnel. CERTIFIED copies of documents can be obtained for a charge of $11 per certification and $.50 per page copying fee. Depending on the request and current workload, there may be a two-week turnaround for copies made by Clerk's Office personnel.
  • Who do I contact with a question about my case?
    If you have a question on a case or procedure, you should contact the appropriate case manager for the case. To identify the appropriate case manager, see the Personnel Directory. You should never contact the judge directly.
  • How do I file sealed documents?
    Please refer to LR 83.12.
  • How do I serve subpoenas for a deposition for documents in another state when the case is pending here?
    Attorneys who are practicing before this court are empowered by Rule 45 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to issue subpoenas for depositions or documents in any other federal court district. The standard subpoena form should be used. The attorney will complete the heading, indicating the District Court and Division in which the subpoena is to be served. The NH case number is used. The attorney will serve the necessary notices when issuing the subpoena. When the return of service is made, the attorney holds the return. It is not filed in the NH case file. If further proceedings, such as a notice of appeal or motion to quash become necessary, the attorney must open a miscellaneous case in the other district in order to litigate the validity of the subpoena.
  • Who issues subpoenas in a civil case?
    Attorneys issue subpoenas in civil cases. The clerk may, pursuant to court order, issue subpoenas for pro se litigants. See LR 45.2 and LR 45.4.
  • Who issues summonses in a civil case?
    Summonses are issued by the court. The summons form needs to be completely filled out by the party requesting the summons prior to it being issued.
  • What do I need when filing a new case and requesting a temporary restraining order?
    (1) Complaint, (2) Civil Cover Sheet, (3) $402.00 fee ($350.00 filing fee and $52.00 administrative fee), (4) Summons(es), (5) Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (This motion must be filed separate from the complaint LR 7.1(a)(1)), and (6) Proposed Temporary Restraining Order (LR 65.1).
  • How do I obtain a copy of a transcript?
    Order a transcript directly from the court reporter who was at the hearing. In order to determine which court reporter was present, you can either contact the Clerk's Office or look at the docket entry on the PACER system; the reporter will be listed in parenthesis as such: (Reporter: D. Churas). Please have the case number and date of hearing available when ordering a transcript. For more information, please visit our Transcript Request page under Case Management. If the hearing was tape recorded instead of taken by a stenographer, the Clerk's Office will check with our own court reporters to determine if one of them has time to produce a transcript. If they do not, the Clerk's Office will give you names of official transcriptionists, and it will be your responsibility to arrange for the transcript. You will need to purchase a copy of the tape for $30.